The Florida Cracker Camp-Out
Uncategorized | Written by Morgan Burden

If you grew up in Florida, then you are probably pretty familiar with our Spanish history. If you’re not, that’s okay because the last time you were formally taught Florida History was probably in the 4th grade. All you need to know (for this post at least) is when the Spanish settled in Florida, they brought cattle. When they left, American pioneers capitalized on the emerging cattle industry. They developed their own methods of cattle driving that set them apart from the Spanish vaquero and the western cowboys. They were distinctly known for herding cattle with dogs and the cracking of their whips. That is how they became known as Florida Crackers.

This weekend The Tallahassee Adventure Club is taking thirty kids and an accompanying parent on an overnight campout. The Florida Cracker Camp-Out is going to tap into Florida’s historic cattle driving roots at the Wacissa Equestrian Center (a.k.a Dude’s Ranch). We provide families all the camping gear needed and let them take that gear home with them! Children will set up their own tents, participate in cattle-driving traditions, share campfire stories and get to hang out with true modern day cowboys and cowgirls!  We believe these activities encourage positivity, team building, critical thinking, and active lifestyles.


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