J.R. Alfred Greenway
Tallahassee Day Trip | Written by Stacy Robinson

Running shoes laced, hair in a pony, deep breath in, the moment I’ve been yearning for. With a gentle breeze against my cheek, I take in the beauty that surrounds me.  I’m reminded by the whisper of the leaves and gentle sway of the branches to let all worries subside; to push the to-do’s away, and become one with nature.

As I take off, embarking on my journey I first give thanks to my body and mind for the wonderful gift of health.  While slowly my limbs begin to awaken and my heart pumps livelier with each step, my eyes feast on the breathtaking land.  Miles of open fields and trails made of this earth to run, bike, hike, horse-ride, they are all mine.  I ponder who has been here before me; conversations only the trees will know.

I run. I run faster as my mind clears and the wind speaks. I hear the bird sings, I feel the fresh air on my skin and in my lungs. The butterfly flaps her wings beside me; some of my best ideas are on these trails. THINK about the ideas conjured up on these trails.

Beyond every turn, there is a place of peace, a place to reconnect with nature, a place to reconnect with you.