Forgotten Coast Bike Tour
Tallahassee Day Trip | Written by Alex Im

Alex was having a rough week. I was missing the Appalachian Trail. When two people like us start to scratch at the seams of society, we know it’s time to pack up and go on an adventure: time to clear our minds. After riding the St. Marks trail recently, we knew a bike tour was in our future, and that’s exactly what we did.

The trip started by getting my bike “tour ready”. We went around town finding saddle bags, bike shorts, a bike rack and other necessities for this 200 mile excursion. We were off in a matter of days. We rode from St. Marks to Ochlockonee River State Park. We took a few wrong turns on the way, but we had no cares in the world. We were free, motoring ourselves down the coast with only our own muscles. The state park was beautiful, peaceful, and uplifting like your favorite song. In no time we were back on our bikes. I peddled with more confidence this day, and started to really understand why people long distance bike ride. You see more than you would in a car. Life just moves slower. Well… You move slower! It was such an inspiring feeling to make it all the way to St. George Island, and our reward: another beautiful campsite right by the beach. It was already such a magical place to be and then we found ourselves looking through an astronomer’s telescope that night eyeing Jupiter and all its beauty. On the way home we stopped and visited down roads we’d never been, ate fresh seafood from a small local shop and camped again on the beach. By the last night, we were absolutely exhausted and the bugs were terrible in the morning. It wasn’t all perfect and it wasn’t all easy, but what adventure is?