Tallahassee Day Trip

A Big Adventure…Less than 2 hours away!
Tallahassee Day Trip | Written by Jeremy Rogers
The Florida Caverns and St. Andrews State Park Our day was punctuated with stone. In the morning, Taylor and I awoke with the forest and hiked the trail to the Florida Caverns. Spring time encouraged the vegetation to flourish, making our entrance into the cave supremely dramatic, as lush greenery contrasted stoic stalactites. (more…)
J.R. Alfred Greenway
Tallahassee Day Trip | Written by Stacy Robinson
Running shoes laced, hair in a pony, deep breath in, the moment I’ve been yearning for. With a gentle breeze against my cheek, I take in the beauty that surrounds me.  I’m reminded by the whisper of the leaves and gentle sway of the branches to let all worries subside; to push the to-do’s away, and become one with nature. (more…)
Apalachicola Bluffs bring out Florida’s Hidden Tribe of Ultra Athletes
Tallahassee Day Trip | Written by Greg Bargo
It’s 6am and still raining after an all night lightning show. Eighty people are milling about in the dark with headlamps on laughing and telling stories as if it were 5 o’clock happy hour. I’d just arrived at Torreya State Park about 50 miles west of Tallahassee for the Draggin’ Tail 50k Ultra Trail Challenge. (more…)
Forgotten Coast Bike Tour
Tallahassee Day Trip | Written by Alex Im
Alex was having a rough week. I was missing the Appalachian Trail. When two people like us start to scratch at the seams of society, we know it’s time to pack up and go on an adventure: time to clear our minds. After riding the St. Marks trail recently, we knew a bike tour was in our future, and that’s exactly what we did. (more…)