Atlas Program

The Tallahassee Adventure Club is offering a new program dubbed the atlas program. It is designed for at-risk youth in the Tallahassee Community.

The Atlas Program is an outdoor incentive-based program that takes place over the course of 8 weeks where participants render points by showing up to the class on time, raising letter grades, and volunteering in the community. Participants also will experience, during the class time, leadership conversations, healthy lifestyle tips, critical thinking and conflict resolution conversations as well. The students will also learn a hard  outdoor skill as they go along. Unbeknownst to the student the skill will come into play at the very end when they go on an official adventure with the Tallahassee Adventure Club or the students will apply all of the things that they learned over the course of the eight weeks as a surprise.

The Tallahassee Adventure Club has a FSU satellite program that will be directly involved in administering this program

The program is paid for by the community organizations that want to offer it.