A Big Adventure…Less than 2 hours away!
Tallahassee Day Trip | Written by Jeremy Rogers

The Florida Caverns and St. Andrews State Park Our day was punctuated with stone. In the morning, Taylor and I awoke with the forest and hiked the trail to the Florida Caverns. Spring time encouraged the vegetation to flourish, making our entrance into the cave supremely dramatic, as lush greenery contrasted stoic stalactites. The dripping and rising lime stone formations were a striking foreground to the darkened walls of each chamber. Taylor was only five, and she was captivated. Following our underground exploration, we emerged into the light and ventured to nearby St. Andrews State Park. Beach-goers scattered the shorelines, neglecting the jetty of boulders that beckoned to be traversed. I followed closely but allowed Taylor to negotiate the challenge. Utilizing the skills she learned through many afternoons at the rock gym, she articulated her hands and feet carefully and deliberately, moving up and around each large rock. In her final achievement pose, sitting quietly atop a flattened boulder and gazing towards the ocean, Taylor was autonomous. I did not feel the need to be next to her. The moment was hers to have and mine to admire. Uh